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The International Cider and Perry Competition was set up in the early 1980s when there were still not many cider competitions around after they fell into abeyance during and after the Second World War! As such it has held a strong reputation and has attracted entries from Europe and America.

Many congratulations to this year's overall champion Oliver's Cider and Perry! A winner with a gorgeous in-bottle fermented perry.

2019 was, it seems, the year for Wales. We had so many Welsh winners this time. We were also delighted that a first-time entrant from Poland won the speciality category for their iced cider.

The judges made a strong, calm team and powered through the large number of entries. Many thanks to Gabe Cook, Helen Woodman, James Forbes and Andy Hallet.

Finally, the Cider Museum wishes to thank its wonderful staff and volunteers including the trustees who made it run like clockwork, and all the cider entrants who stayed and participated in the cider social.


2019 Oliver's Cider and Perry

2018 Henhope Cider

2017 Angry Orchard
2016 Thatchers Cider Co.
2015 Henney’s Cider Co.
2014 Burrow Hill Cider
2013 Oliver’s Cider & Perry
2012 Mr. Richard Johnson
2011 Mitchell F & D Ltd.
2010 Gwynt-y-Ddraig Cider
2009 Once Upon A Tree Ltd.
2008 Gwatkins Cider Co. Ltd.
2007 Thatchers Cider Co.
2006 Henneys Cider Co.
2005 Minchews Real Cyder & Perry
2004 Orchard’s Cider & Perry Co.
2003 Boston Beer Company
2002 Gwatkin Cider
2001 Cornish Cyder Farm
2000 Veryan
1999 Minchew’s
1998 Hindlip
1997 Lyne Down
1996 Knights Cider
1995 Franklins
1993 John George
1991 Broome Farm